Fashion and Beauty Wellness
Make sure to moisturize often, preferably one that has adequate SPF coverage. Whether you have oily or greasy skin, it is always a good idea to moisturize.  Some people, instead of moisturizing during the day, opt to do it at night it is also acceptable.

To revive your hair and bring back its glossiness, a cheap but effective way to do this is to use baking soda. Incorporate a small amount of baking soda to the shampoo you regularly use.  Just wash your hair thoroughly after.  It can help improve your hair's shine and add lustier.

File your nails in a to and fromotion, making sure never to file in only one direction. Filing your nails in one direction can cause them to weaken and be brittle.

For make up to last throughout the day, spray a hydrating mist beforehand.  It enables the makeup to look fresh and gives you a just made up appearance.  This is ideal for those long hours at work or maybe just a night out at the town with friends.

Applying a clean coat of lipstick can in itself be challenging, even a professional has had a hard time putting this on neatly. After applying the makeup, dip a clean brush in powder and outline the outer sides of your lips.  Use a disposable sponge to dab away at the powder that has outlined the lips

It is advisable to wash your hair often so as to make your hair lustrous, full, healthy and beautiful hair. Use a low-oil shampoo while making sure to rinse your hair out thoroughly.  You could also use apple cider vinegar once a week to help remove chemicals that have built up in your hair.  This is an effective way to remove dandruff and other scalp and hair related conditions.

Give your hair lift and bounce by blow drying it upside down.  This can take at least 10 minutes for your hair to gather volume and dry.  After you hair has dried, let the volume set by giving it a blast of cool air.  This way you can easily give your hair more volume and lift. 

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