Make your makeup last longer by spraying your face with a hydrating mist. It will help make it stay on more and keeps it looking fresh and leave you made up throughout the day.  It is ideal for days where you need to look good for long work days or even for a night out in the town.

A day in a dry air conditioned work place leaves your eyes dry and red, it leaves you looking exhausted and drained.  Try carrying a bottle of eye drops with you in your purse and use them whenever you need them.  Keep a separate bottle of eye drops in your refrigerator. When you get home and apply them to revive your tired eyes from a day in the office.

Use a highlighter with warm pinks or a moisturizer with warm or gold undertones, this helps in making your skin look refreshed and bright. With a makeup sponge dab some on your brows and apples of your cheeks.  This gives a more rosy and youthful effect to your overall look.  Refrain from adding too much to avoid making your face too shiny.

To add a little volume for medium and long hairs, apply a hair product like a hairspray, mousse or serum to the roots while your head is upside down.  Tease the sides and crown and then turn your head right-side up.  Smooth the top using your fingers. This is an easy and quick way to create volume boost.

Consider having your eyebrows dyed. This is an interesting tip especially for light skinned or light haired individuals.  It enhances the color of your eyes and makes them pop.  Most dying kits are found at most beauty stores, it is very easy and you can even do it yourself.

Be careful when using shimmer, making sure to apply only a small amount in areas where the light will hit it.  It makes you look radiant and shimmery.  Use highlighter on the angles of your face such as cheekbones, nose and brows.  Finish off the fashion look with a layer of loose powder.